On May 25th the Privacy Laws changed which did cause a certain amount of panic in blog land! While I do not collect any information stored on my blog, just to make sure I am in compliance I refer you to the following points.

Leaving Comments:
If you leave a comment on any post on my blog you do so knowing that it will be visible to all visitors to the blog. As it will be visible it means anyone can collect it.

If you do not wish any comment to be seen, please delete it.

Please note that my followers list is available to anyone who visits my blog which means anyone can see your information, photo and links.

If you do not want any of this information collected by others then I am sorry but you will have to stop following me.

I hope I do not loose any of my lovely visitors as a result of this. If you have any questions please contact me, if you have any answers also please contact me!




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